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  • Preparing an annual self-evaluation of the college’s performance in accordance with the regulations set by the National Quality Assurance Authority
  • Preparing a plan to work on strengthening weaknesses, working to increase strengths, and setting controls to follow up on this plan
  • Preparing a performance evaluation and analysis system that includes:
  • Preparing models for evaluating the performance of the dean of the college, its vice-deans and heads of departments, as well as all faculty members and their assistants, and all college staff.
  • Preparing a system for distributing and analyzing forms for evaluating the educational process in the college.
  • Preparing a system for analyzing performance appraisal models.
  • Work on continuing awareness and training in quality assurance and qualification for accreditation through:
  • Spreading awareness of the quality culture in the college (faculty members and their assistants, students and administrators)
  • Holding training courses and workshops at the college in the field of quality management.
  • Organizing training courses for faculty members to prepare descriptions of study programs and courses, writing reports for courses and study programs, as well as measurement, evaluation, and evaluation.
  • Building cadres in the field of quality and accreditation TOT
  • Working to involve all members of the teaching staff, the supporting body, and the administrative body in quality activities and qualification for accreditation through the formation of steering committees and follow-up of the activities of these committees on an ongoing basis to ensure the continuity of the flow of data, information and knowledge of the internal system for quality assurance and the annual self-evaluation system at the level of scientific departments and administrative college.
  •  The Quality Assurance Center acts as a link between the Quality Assurance Unit at the college and the National Quality Assurance Authority.
  •  Opening channels of communication between similar units working in the field of quality assurance in higher education locally and regionally.

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