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Members of the Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council:

No. Name Position
1 Prof. Amina El-Nemer Chairman of the Council - Dean of the Faculty  
2 Prof. Wafaa Jamil  Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
3 Prof. Abeer Mohamed Zakaria  Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
4 Prof. Wafaa Fathi Selim Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Affairs
5 Prof. Mona Ahmed El-Balshah Acting Head of the Psychological and Mental Health Nursing Department 
6 Prof. Nahed Attia Qandil Acting Head of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department
7 Prof. Amany Mohamed Shebl  Head of Medical Surgical Nursing Department
8 Prof. Hala Gabr  Head of Nursing Administration Department
9 Prof. Fawzia Abou Saad Head of Pediatric Nursing Department
10 Prof. Souad Hassan  Acting Head of gerontological Nursing Department
11 Prof. Sahar Mohamed Soliman Head of Community Health Nursing Department
12 Prof. Hanan El-Sayed  Acting Head of the Woman's Health &Midwifery Nursing Department
13 Dr.Hayam El-Rifaay Director of the Institute
14  Prof. Amira Ahmed Hassanein  The oldest professor in the faculty
15 Prof. Samar Al-Husseini  The oldest assistant professor in the faculty
16 Dr. Amal Ahmed El Sayed  The oldest lecturer the faculty- Director of the Council
17 Dr. Ohood Youssef El Sheikh Director of Quality Assurance Unit
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