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 A word of Assistant Prof.Nadia Mohamed Hassan 

Director of Quality Assurance Unit 

Quality is that we do our work in the right way from the first time and in a better way the next time, so that we have mastered the work and developed the performance and this requires continuous diligence. Work is worship and mastery of work is the pinnacle of worship. How beautiful it is to perfect our work for the sake of our students, the finest youth and the pillar of the nation, for our prestigious college, for the prestigious Mansoura University, for the sake of our country or the country. Thus, we have fulfilled our lofty mission and satisfied Allah .


About the unit

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit at the Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University was established on 10/12/2005 by a decision of the Faculty Council No. (45) and it is located on the second floor of the new faculty building.


The accreditation standards issued by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation in Egypt represent the first reference for the unit's work axes. The Board of Directors of the Unit shall take the necessary measures to ensure the operation of the Unit and to conduct all quality assurance activities through this reference.


Continuous improvement and enhancement of the college’s internal quality assurance systems to renew the academic accreditation of its programs from the National Accreditation Authority and to strive to achieve the college’s vision of obtaining accreditation regionally and internationally.


Quality assurance and continuous development to improve the efficiency of the college’s performance and its programs in line with the college’s mission and stated goals, as well as gaining the community’s confidence in its graduates based on locally and regionally recognized evaluation mechanisms. 


Quality Assurance Unit Board of Directors 2021/2022


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  Prof. Amina Mohamed Rashad El-Nemer

Faculty Dean - President of Quality Assurance Unit


  Assistant. Prof. Nadia Mohamed Hassan

 Head of Quality Assurance Unit Vice President

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  Prof. Rabab Al-Sayed Hassan

Vice dean for student affairs - Member

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  Prof. Abeer Zakaria

 Vice dean for post-graduate and research affairs -Member


  Prof. Wafaa Fathey Sleem

 Vice dean for community services and environment development -Member


  Mr. Abdel-Basir Abdo

 Vice director -Member

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  Mrs. Amani mohamed

 Matron of nursing mansoura university - Member


Student. Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed

Fourth level student - Member


Quality Assuarance Unit Staff

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Mrs.Nevin Fakhry Halim



Mrs.Sherin Mohamed Abdelsalam


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Mrs.Omnia Ahmed Azmy 


Execution team of Quality Assurance Unit

Statistical Analysis team of Quality Assurance Unit

Head of Quality assurance Standards list



Unit Objectives

  1. Enabling the college to achieve its mission and strategic goals
  2. Spreading the culture of quality among college members
  3. Suggesting policies and mechanisms that support the achievement of quality standards
  4. Develop evaluation, standards, and advanced models for performance appraisal
  5. Providing technical support to the various departments of the college to implement quality standards
  6. Upgrading the educational process by measuring performance indicators
  7. Activating student participation in the application of quality standards
  8. Upholding the values ​​of excellence and stimulating competitiveness in all disciplines of the college


  • Preparing an annual self-evaluation of the college’s performance in accordance with the regulations set by the National Quality Assurance Authority
  • Preparing a plan to work on strengthening weaknesses, working to increase strengths, and setting controls to follow up on this plan
  • Preparing a performance evaluation and analysis system that includes:
  • Preparing models for evaluating the performance of the dean of the college, its vice-deans and heads of departments, as well as all faculty members and their assistants, and all college staff.
  • Preparing a system for distributing and analyzing forms for evaluating the educational process in the college.
  • Preparing a system for analyzing performance appraisal models.
  • Work on continuing awareness and training in quality assurance and qualification for accreditation through:
  • Spreading awareness of the quality culture in the college (faculty members and their assistants, students and administrators)
  • Holding training courses and workshops at the college in the field of quality management.
  • Organizing training courses for faculty members to prepare descriptions of study programs and courses, writing reports for courses and study programs, as well as measurement, evaluation, and evaluation.
  • Building cadres in the field of quality and accreditation TOT
  • Working to involve all members of the teaching staff, the supporting body, and the administrative body in quality activities and qualification for accreditation through the formation of steering committees and follow-up of the activities of these committees on an ongoing basis to ensure the continuity of the flow of data, information and knowledge of the internal system for quality assurance and the annual self-evaluation system at the level of scientific departments and administrative college.
  •  The Quality Assurance Center acts as a link between the Quality Assurance Unit at the college and the National Quality Assurance Authority.
  •  Opening channels of communication between similar units working in the field of quality assurance in higher education locally and regionally.

Meetings of the Executive Team of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University

The executive team met today Sunday, October 17, 2021 to discuss and develop the executive plan for the international accreditation project for the undergraduate program, headed by the project excutive manager, Prof. Nadia Mohamed Hassan- director of the quality assurance unit and in the presence and members of the project management team

Meetings of the Executive Team of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University

The executive meeting was held today, Wednesday, December 8, to distribute tasks and discuss what has been accomplished in the executive plan for the international accreditation project for the undergraduate program headed by the project excutive manager, Prof. Nadia Mohamed Hassan, director of the quality assurance unit. In the presence of members of the project excutive team.

A Meeting of the Executive Team of the Quality Assurance Unit with faculty dean.

In Saturday, 30 October 2021, Prof. Amina Al-Nemer (Dean of the faculty and the director of the international accreditation project) held a meeting with the executive team of the Quality Assurance Unit to discuss QAU achievements for the academic year 2021-2022 and to prepare the faculty for international accreditation.

Workshop on "How to Manage Time"

Discuss the results of various questionnaires for faculty members and their assistants and work to resolve their problems

Meeting of the Executive Team of the Quality Assurance Unit

Workshop entitled "Complete How to Prepare Blue Print"

Workshop on "Risk Management in University Establishments"

Workshop entitled "How to prepare the exam specification table"

QAU Executive Team Meeting

Workshop on “Using RUBRIC in Student Assessment and Educational Process”


The annual time plan for the activities of the Quality Assurance Unit 2021/2022






Accreditations Manuals






  1. A questionnaire on job satisfaction of administrators
  2. A questionnaire for measuring satisfaction of teaching staff about distance learning through educational platform
  3. A questionnaire for acknowledging teaching staff members opinion about performance of the administrative staff
  4. A Questionnaire for measuring satisfaction of Teaching staff
  5. A Questionnaire for measuring satisfaction of Teaching Assistants
  6. Questionnaire to survey students' opinion on evaluating the performance of the administrative body
  7. Graduate performance assessment model and leadership opinion by the employers
  8. A questionnaire to evaluate a scientific course by students
  9. Survey of students' satisfaction with distance education through the educational platform






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