‏Convening of the international students unit Board


 ‏Today, Monday, 16/1/2023, the board of international students unit at international students unit office in the faculty of nursing - Mansoura university

‏It was chaired by

‏Prof.Dr. Amina Mohammad Rashad Al Nemr; Dean of the Faculty

‏And the presence of:

‏Prof. Dr. Abeer Mohamed Zakaria; Vice Dean for Education and Students affaires

‏Prof . Dr. Nahed Attia Kandil; Vice Dean of Post graduate studies and Research

‏Dr. Ahmed Salah Ali; International students Unit Coordinator

‏ Mr. Abd El Basir Abdo; the director of the faculty

‏ Mr. Karim Saad; Administrative member

‏Mrs. Soad Ramadan; financial member

‏Prof. Dr. Amina Al-Nemr; Dean of the Faculty, initiated by

‏congratulations for the new office for international students unit and extends its thanks for the efforts made during last semester . Her Excellency stressed to maintain the quality of the courses and the certificate granted to international students in accordance with the policy of the university and the faculty .

‏Many topics were discussed, on top of which are the most important mechanisms that must be adopted to increase the number of international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

‏Prof. Dr. Nahed Kandil; The Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research presented a comprehensive presentation on the numbers of students enrolled in the master's and doctoral programs , distributed among the scientific departments. and She thanked the scientific departments for the efforts made to overcome the difficulties and maximize the students' benefit

Prof. Dr. Abeer Zakaria; The Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs expressed her gratitude for the efforts made to increase the number of international students and reviewed the efforts made in the students and education sector during the mid-year exams.



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