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Post-graduate Nursing Programs:

Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University is dedicated to the professional and personal growth of students seeking post-graduate educational experiences. The post-graduate program focuses on advanced knowledge in both theoretical and applied aspects of a particular field. The program provides for graduate level study in nursing science and related fields, modes of systematic inquiry, professional foundations, and theory development. The program also is design to provide experienced nurses with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to teach in classrooms and clinical settings. Students are expected to complete a thesis related to advance knowledge in nursing science.

Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University believes post-graduate education denotes the critical appraisal of the concepts and theories that underlie the nature and practice of nursing and the extension of the processes of inquiry problem solving, critical thinking and research for the development and testing of knowledge. The faculty believes the organization of post-graduate programs must recognize the diverse areas of specialized and advanced practice in nursing and must be guided by the state of knowledge both in nursing and in other disciplines. In clinical, research and theory building programs, the generation of knowledge and learning is based upon collegial exchanges among and between faculty and students.

The post-graduate course offered by the Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University is designed to meet the continuing education needs of professionals working in a variety working settings. Graduates from the program will be qualified to find employment in nursing education and leadership in a variety of hospital, community-based, and health care settings. The organizing framework for the post-graduate program include the components of : research, organization of the health care delivery system, ethics, professional and role development, evidence-based practice, health promotion , besides applying critical thinking and decision making, communication, and current trends in health care.

Post-graduate Nursing Programs

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