Medical Surgical Nursing Department

Definition of the Department

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing - Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University in 1994 by Presidential Decree No. 287 of 1994.

The Department Medical Surgical Nursing is one of the oldest nursing disciplines known in both modern and ancient times.

The faculty members of the Department of Medical Surgical Nursing teach two curricula, which are the basics of nursing for the first year, Medical Surgical Nursing for the second year. It also has a role in the graduate studies in the faculty through teaching for the stages of master's and doctoral.

The Department is one of the first departments that used the credit hours system in the faculty for the bachelor stage, where this system was applied to students of the first year of the current academic year 2013/2014.

The faculty members and their assistants supervise the training of students in the training places, namely: Faculty laboratories, specialized medical centers, Mansoura University Hospitals.

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing participates in many activities such as organizing training courses for nursing staff in Mansoura University Hospitals, training and supervising students of internship, and basic nursing skills courses for Mansoura University students. In addition, the Department of participated in the important activities of the University, where participated in the activities of the University's environmental day as well as participating in the charity market of the university for the academic year 2013-2014.

The department is interested in preparing students to provide care for patients in all specialties, both public and private, depending on several factors, the most important of which are: (faculty member and their assistants, training places of laboratories and hospitals, students, as well as the future patient nursing care).
 The curriculum of Medical Surgical Nursing is concerned with teaching students the responsibilities of medical and surgical nursing in medical care provided to the patient and how to deal with tools and advanced technological environment.

This curriculum contains theoretical lectures and practical exercises aimed at the effective application of the principles of Medical Surgical Nursing according to the latest means.

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