Academic Reference Standards for Educational and Development Center (EDC)

The mission of EDC focus on enhancing theoretical and practical abilities of teaching staff and their axillaries, improve their roles in research and community services in addition to improvement of faculty employees skills with different specialties which reflects on the faculty graduates.


The nursing education development center of Mansoura University, Faculty of Nursing will be one of the Excellency nursing education centers in Egyptian universities within the next five years.


The goal of NEDC of Mansoura University, Faculty of Nursing is to strength the educational abilities of faculty staff members ,employees and upgrading of curricula, and enhance workplace harmony and communication.


  1. Development and standardize of teaching skills via workshops for Faculty teaching staff.
  2. Theoretical and practical training of new teaching staff about Process of teaching and students evaluation in different faculty departments.
  3. Reevaluate academic action plan yearly for each semester included (curriculum Objectives to theoretical and practical parts, number of hours ,degrees and time of students evaluation and students feed back for each curriculum.
  4. Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops in the fields of nursing training for different specialties.
  5. Design a collaborative system between the faculty of nursing and stakeholders in clinical setting to provide continuous nursing education for the nursing graduates and internship students.
  6. The EDC put an action plan to conclude from teaching staff whom have TOT to train untrained staff in different specialties.
  7. Provide consultation services at the level of individual and departments according to their needs in the field of teaching process.

Implementation Activities

Establishing the hierarchy of NEDC The NEDC will be consisted of:

1- Managing committee that includes:

     * The dean of the faculty as a general supervisor of the NEDC.

     * The director of the NEDC , who represent the faculty in university development and educational center.

    * The director of quality unit .

2 - Implementation committee that includes:

    * The vice dean for education and student affair.

    * The vice dean of graduate studies and research as a member .
    * The vice dean of community development and environmental affair.
    * The sixteen members represent the scientific departments of the faculty.
    * Four staff employee.

    * Two secretaries.

    * Two electronic technicians.

   * Two Aid workers.

Duties and responsibilities of the managing committee:

Managing committee is responsible for designing, organizing, developing, facilitating of NEDC activities and work as a link between the NEDC and decision makers in the faculty and university in addition to liaison the NEDC to other EDCs and educational organizations. Also the managing committee is responsible for quality control and evaluation of the NEDC activities.

The implementation committee:

  1. The implementation committee is mainly responsible for implementing the NEDC activities and links the center to all the faculty staff members and employee members from internal while the external were stockholders from different communities and dealing with graduates of the faculty .
  2. The sixteen members who represent the eight scientific departments of the faculty will work as a link between the NEDC and all faculty staff members. They will lead and implement the designed activities and the action plan of the NEDC.
  3. The four staff employee will represent the employee staff in EDC and coordinate and implement the training activities of employee development. 

Secretarial and technical activities:

Secretaries and technicians are responsible for following up the activities schedule, preparing rooms for training, coping handout, typing and organizing filling system ,In addition to follow up of machinery maintenance.

Housekeeping and aids activities:

The aids workers will be responsible for housekeeping activities in the NEDC, post office and manual duties.

III- Establishing the policies and regulation roles of the NEDC

The NEDC members:

Half of the members of EDC will be turnover every two years and replaced by other staff except the deans of the faculty and the chair person of the administrative and employees departments they assigned to the managing committee by position.


All activities of the NEDC should be documented in special formats.

Finance and sustainability:

  1. The NEDC could be financially supported from the CIQAP faculty project and university budget and it should have its own financial resources from workshops and training program fees which are legally regulated according to the university rules and policies, and it should have its own bank account
  2. Trainers can have incentives from the paid workshops, training programs, projects and other activities according to the available budget and the expended work hours.

Evaluation of EDC work :

  1. The management and implementing team should be a meeting every month to observe achievement of the NEDC.
  2. The plain of EDC should be done twice /year first, in September and the second in February and should be reevaluated to take feedback.
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