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Prof. Wafaa Jamil

Vice Dean's welcome

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you

My sons and daughters faculty students

  I am delighted to offer my students my sincere congratulations and best wishes for a new academic year, full of academic and student activities aimed at investing the energies of youth and developing their talents in order to prepare a generation capable of contributing to the advancement of development. Student activities aim to develop positive behavior among youth and is considered as  an element of total quality that contributes to building the personality of the student in all aspects, therefore the call for active participation in various student activities.

The faculty seeks to achieve a distinguished role in all fields, as one of the institutions of Mansoura University, by providing the best methods of education and training based on its educational potential as well as its human resources represented by distinguished faculty members in all disciplines. My students,  I invite you to more science and training inside and outside the faculty. Also, to take responsibility as a rising and promising generation aware of his/her rights and duties and I expect you a lot of diligence, activity and work to upgrade Mansoura University and our beloved Egypt.

Finally, I ask God for success in your studies and in your scientific and practical life.

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