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International Students

The Faculty of Nursing - one of the faculties of Mansoura University, one of the distinguished universities in the Arab Republic of Egypt - is honored to receive students from all Arab, Islamic and other nationalities, in the framework of our belief that education and science do not have a homeland as well as a right for all. Therefore, the Faculty is pleased to provide a distinct educational service with its distinctive educational programs in the first university stage and graduate stage in regular programs and specialized quality programs and with its laboratories equipped at the latest level.

It is delighted to provide the appropriate environment and facilities for science students, where abounding many faculty members who have been educated and taught in the finest scientific schools in the world inside and outside Egypt, as well as the unique technological environment of excellence.

Mansoura University also provides a favorable social environment through its diverse social and cultural activities in a unique Olympic village of excellence including various stadiums and capabilities, as well as organizing special programs and events where students can find their ability to work and give ... Students receive excellent medical and medical care through the University Student Hospital.

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Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura, Elgomhoria st, Mansoura University, , Arab Republic Of Egypt,30016

Tel.: 2200368 - 220369 - 2200367 050 2+ 
Fax:  2200248 / 050 2+

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