Dr. Amina Elnemr "Dean of Faculty of Nursing Mansoura University" opening the event of a Defining meeting about students' offices services""

 Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University Organized an Induction Day under the title of "Defining meeting about students' offices services and students' practical educational services" on Monday 6/3/ 2017 Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Kenawy "President of Mansoura University", Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset "Vice President Mansoura University for Education and student Affairs". This meeting is held in order to introduce students to how to take advantage of the vocational guidance and community education, research and innovation in a professional way to connect with the public and private sectors and guide them to a mechanism of developing their skills in order to cope with the labor market requirements. Meeting was honored with the presence of Prof. Dr. Amina Elnemr "Dean of the faculty", Prof. Dr. Wafa Jamil "Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs", Dr. Osama Abdel Azim, director of vocational guidance office of the university", Dr. Sahar siliman " Director of students research office at faculty of Nursing", Dr. Fadia Ahmad " Director of general services office & responsible for vocational guidance at faculty of Nursing", Dr Neama Elashry " Director of community education at faculty of Nursing" and Dr. Ahmad Hashim " Responsible for student communication at faculty of Nursing". During the meeting both Prof. Dr. Amina Elnemr "Dean of the faculty" and Prof. Dr. Wafaa Jamil "Vice Dean for Education and student Affairs" presented the functions and tasks of; vocational guidance; the office of community education; the office of scientific innovations and also shows the mechanisms through which students can be benefit from each office. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Osama Abdel Azim, director of vocational guidance office of the university", believes that the Faculty of Nursing is considered as one of the most active faculties at Mansoura university and the most interested in student' participation in all students activities and events, Also, he was grateful of being one of the leader faculties of teaching student how to prepare a scientific proposal and having continuing activities such as the recent involvement of students in the second forum for nursing students of Egyptian universities at Assiut University and the continuing communication with major hospitals such as the holding of cooperation agreement between the faculty of Nursing Mansoura university and Saud German Hospital and also with Dr. Magdy Yaakoup Hospital for the continuous desire to graduate a competent graduate who is able to cope to the market requirements. 

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