Psychiatric and mental health nursing

Definition of the Department

The Department of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing is one of the scientific departments of the Faculty of Nursing established by Mansoura University in 1994 according to the law faculties 1994'It teaches five curricula are the basics of human behavior, human behavior in disease, women's psychology, child's psychology and psychiatric nursing. Members of the department train students in different areas of the university, such as the psychiatric nursing lab, Department of Psychiatry in Mansoura University Hospitals, Oncology Center in Mansoura University and Burn Center in Mansoura University.

  This department introduces the steps followed in establishing theories and nursing models of psychiatric or personality disorders and applies the nursing process to the evaluation, planning and implementation of a nursing care plan to improve the mental health of the patient in psychosocial care.

The Department of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing is one of the basic and important departments in the Faculty of Nursing, which is keen to graduate a student with information, skills and behavioral trends in the field of psychiatric nursing and mental health, which enables the student to provide a distinct service both with the community or health places.

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