Pediatric Nursing


This department is a general curriculum in pediatric nursing, giving students the opportunity to learn how to provide nursing care for children in health, disease and during the illness period through the use of the nursing process.
The department also presents the basics of growth and development during childhood.
The Department of Pediatric Nursing aims to prepare qualified nurses with a distinguished level of competence in the field of pediatric nursing who are competitive in the age of globalization and the work market. They are also able to provide comprehensive, integrated, preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care to meet the health needs of the child through theoretical lectures and practical training for students to provide them with information and provide them with the various skills necessary to deal with the child in health and disease.
The faculty members of the Department of Pediatric Nursing teach three faculty curricula, namely, pediatric nursing (credit hours and old regulations) for Egyptian and international students, advanced pediatric nursing (optional course) and culture competency for the second level. The department also teaches pediatric nursing for students of the Technical Institute and first aid in the Faculty of Kindergarten. They also have a role in teaching the subjects of the Master's and Ph.D. degrees in pediatric nursing as well as supervising the scientific theses of the master and doctorate.
The faculty members and their assistants supervise the training of students in three places: the Faculty of Pediatric Nursing, the departments of Medical, Medicine, Surgery, Nephrology, Neurology, Intensive Care Units and Neonatology at the University Children's Hospital and the Oncology Center in Mansoura. The Department of Pediatric Nursing also participates in many activities such as organizing the scientific day of the department and workshops as well as scientific and educational seminars inside and outside the university.


The Department of Pediatric Nursing is one of the important scientific departments that are keen to provide outstanding education by supporting students with the information and intellectual, practical and behavioral skills in the field of pediatric nursing that enable students to provide high quality nursing care for the child and the family during the different stages of the child's life.


Providing students with information, nursing skills and positive trends based on scientific evidence and evidence that enable them to provide comprehensive nursing care of high quality for the child and the family in health and disease during the various stages of the child's life in addition to contributing to support the health needs of the community.

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