Medical Surgical Nursing Department

Definition of the Department

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing - Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University in 1994 by Presidential Decree No. 287 of 1994.

The Department Medical Surgical Nursing is one of the oldest nursing disciplines known in both modern and ancient times.

The faculty members of the Department of Medical Surgical Nursing teach two curricula, which are the basics of nursing for the first year, Medical Surgical Nursing for the second year. It also has a role in the graduate studies in the faculty through teaching for the stages of master's and doctoral.

The Department is one of the first departments that used the credit hours system in the faculty for the bachelor stage, where this system was applied to students of the first year of the current academic year 2013/2014.

The faculty members and their assistants supervise the training of students in the training places, namely: Faculty laboratories, specialized medical centers, Mansoura University Hospitals.

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing participates in many activities such as organizing training courses for nursing staff in Mansoura University Hospitals, training and supervising students of internship, and basic nursing skills courses for Mansoura University students. In addition, the Department of participated in the important activities of the University, where participated in the activities of the University's environmental day as well as participating in the charity market of the university for the academic year 2013-2014.

The department is interested in preparing students to provide care for patients in all specialties, both public and private, depending on several factors, the most important of which are: (faculty member and their assistants, training places of laboratories and hospitals, students, as well as the future patient nursing care).
 The curriculum of Medical Surgical Nursing is concerned with teaching students the responsibilities of medical and surgical nursing in medical care provided to the patient and how to deal with tools and advanced technological environment.

This curriculum contains theoretical lectures and practical exercises aimed at the effective application of the principles of Medical Surgical Nursing according to the latest means.


The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University is looking forward to occupy the leading position among all the different scientific departments in the faculty and the corresponding faculties of nursing faculties in Egyptian universities and be able to compete with all higher education institutions for nursing at the regional and international levels


The mission of the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing is to support the basic principles of nursing study at the university level, through the provision of scientific material consistent with the modern concepts of nursing and clinical scientific skills to prepare a distinguished student in terms of cognitive, professional and vocational rehabilitation and provide comprehensive nursing care of high quality for various specializations of medical-surgical nursing for patients and healthy people in different hospitals and health centers as well as provide multiple and growing educational experiences in different scientific disciplines to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market locally and provide opportunities for continuous learning for their graduates and others, through the programs of graduate studies in accordance with the approved research plan in addition to providing technical and training consultations in various community institutions at the national, regional and global level to ensure sustainable development in the community and keep abreast of what is new.

General Goals

Providing the students of the first and second years the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors that enable them to apply the principles and concepts of medical-surgical nursing in various nursing situations and identify the actual problems of patients.

Goals of the Department

1) Accurate analysis of scientific and training needs in line with the needs of various health services through scientific research to ensure obtaining the optimum return for those places.

2) Updating, developing and characterizing the curriculum in accordance with the national reference standards for students of the first and second year

3) Upgrading nursing activities for the process of education in the field of nursing basics and medical- surgical nursing, public and private.

4) Upgrading the scientific and skill level of the faculty members and their assistant through the development and modernization of scientific research methods and the work of seminars and training courses.

5) Raise the efficiency of the performance of the student within the laboratories of adult nursing faculty and training places in various health services.

6) Interact with the community and participate in solving its health problems and improve the health level of all its members

7) Participation in supporting the continuous learning process of the Nursing Authority in Mansoura University Hospitals through holding seminars and training courses on an ongoing basis

Department Activities

Training students of the Department of Medical Surgical Nursing Hospitals

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The "Fikra Family" team organized a party at 57357 Hospital

Under the patronage of Prof. Amina Al-Nimr, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Prof. Wafaa Gamil, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs and Dr. Widad Saber, Family Leader.

Under the supervision of Miss . Marwa Mohamed - Director of Student Welfare, Miss. Hanan Al-Souda - Family Supervisor.

The Fikra family team made a party to 57357 Hospital to draw joy on the faces of children to help them complete the journey of treatment and raise their mental state and take out negative energy and encourage them to express their feelings positively.

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The obtaining of a PhD degree for Dr. Shaimaa El Ghareeb, Dr. Heba El Habashy, Dr. Tarek Shaker and Dr. Marwa Abdel Hamid
Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University celebrated the leadership of Prof. Amany Mohamed Shebl for the Department for a period to come for the next time as well as obtaining a PhD degree for Dr. Shaima Al Ghareeb, Dr. Heba Al Habashi, Dr. Tarek Shaker, and Marwa Abdel Hamid.

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Seminar under the title of "Exams Stress"

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Department Council for November 2018

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Department council

Formation of the Council of Medical-Surgical Nursing Department

1 Prof. Amany Mohamed Shebl Chairman of the Council
2 Prof. Wafa Ismail Sharif Member
3 Prof. Wafaa Jamil Ali Member
4 prof. Amira Ahmed Hassanein Member
5 prof. Karima Fouad Shami  Member
6 Prof. Hanan Mohamed Suleiman  Member
7 Prof. Walaa Nasr El Din Osman Member
8 Prof. Madiha Hassan Nabih  Director of the counsil
9 Dr. Rasha Hassan Abbas Member
10 Dr. Awatef Abd Elhamid Member
11 Dr. Eman Abd Elrahman Member
12 Dr. Ola Elsherbiney   Member

Faculty members and their assistants

Academic staff

To view the list of faculty members Click here 

Plans and reports

Department plans 

Department's plan to prepare students admitted from abroad for the academic year 2019/2020 for both the master's and PhD degrees where all applicants for the master's and doctoral degrees will be accepted for the academic year2019/2020and a copy of the statistics of the faculty members of the department is attached. This is based on the letter received from the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research on the plan of the department to prepare students admitted from abroad for the academic year 2019/2020 for master's and doctoral degrees.

The five-years research plan of the department for the years2019-2023, based on the letter from the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research on sending the department's five-year research plan for the years 2019-2023.
which is next:

  • Transcultural nursing
  • Telecommunication in nursing research, practice and education
  • End of life care and pain management
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Uses of advanced technology in health care
  • Palliative care in health care
  • New diagnostic and treatment modalities
  • Complementary and alternative medicine in nursing care
  • Quality nursing care and Patient safety measures
  • Clinical pathway
  • Infection control
  • Organ transplantation in adult
  • Holistic nursing
  • Patient rehabilitation for different health problems
  • Evidence- based research
  • Adherence to acute and chronic illness


Department's five-year research plan for 2019

Annual report of the Department of Medical Surgical Nursing University Year 2018-2019


Teaching Nominations

Postgraduate courses of Medical-Surgical Nursing Department for the academic year 2018-2019.

Courses of the Medical-Surgical Nursing Department

After studying the course students can:

1) Identify and apply the basic principles of nursing.
2) Know the goals and reasons for all nursing skills and prepare the environment, tools and patient for special nursing skills.
3) Conduct specific nursing skills with care and a safe and effective method.
4) Evaluate results according to patient response.
5) How to record nursing skills.
6) Apply the basic concepts of patient care and how to make decisions in the provision of direct care.
7) Understand the principles of teaching / learning in improving the understanding of health and safety of patients and their families.
8) Applying health and safety standards in the implementation of practical and applied skills.
9) Apply the primary care of the patient in the legal, ethical and organizational framework of the practice of nursing.
10) Knowledge of basic foodstuffs and their benefits.
11) Helping the patient and health care needs to access health resources and services.
12) Apply basic and preventive health care.
13) Apply basic skills in training laboratories.

Teaching Methods to Achieve Goals

Includes but not limited to: lectures, seminars, practical application, skills, simulation, patient case study etc.

Courses by the Department for the different academic stages of the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University:

Bachelor Degree


No.Academic YearCourse
1 First year- Faculty of Nursing ,Mansoura Basics of nursing
2 First year- Faculty of Nursing ,Mansoura Introduction to basics of nursing
3 First year- Faculty of Nursing ,Mansoura Modern trends in nursing
4 Second year- Faculty of Nursing ,Mansoura Medical-surgical nursing

Graduate Studies

Curriculum for Master Students

• The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing awards a diploma degree in surgical internal nursing, which aims at excellence in cognitive and skillful preparation.
• The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing offers a Master's Degree in Medical-Surgical Nursing.
• The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing awards a PhD in Medical-Surgical Nursing.

Master Stage:

No.Academic YearCourse
1 PhD / Faculty of Nursing in Mansoura General medical-surgical nursing
2 PhD / Faculty of Nursing in Mansoura Private medical-surgical nursing

Courses offered by the department to the various educational institutions outside the university


No.Academic YearCourse
1 First year / technical institute for health in Mansoura General nursing
2 Second year / technical institute for health in Mansoura Nursing Oncology Surgery
3 Second year / health technical institute in Sandoub Nursing Oncology Surgery Adult Health
4 Second year / health technical institute in Tfehnah Adult Health
5 Second year / health technical institute in Damietta Education Technology

Courses offered by the department for educational institutes within the university


No.Academic YearCourse
1 First year / technical institute of nursing Mansoura University Basics of nursing
2 Second year / technical institute of nursing Mansoura University Medical-surgical nursing


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