Medical Surgical Nursing Department

General Goals

Providing the students of the first and second years the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors that enable them to apply the principles and concepts of medical-surgical nursing in various nursing situations and identify the actual problems of patients.

Goals of the Department

1) Accurate analysis of scientific and training needs in line with the needs of various health services through scientific research to ensure obtaining the optimum return for those places.

2) Updating, developing and characterizing the curriculum in accordance with the national reference standards for students of the first and second year

3) Upgrading nursing activities for the process of education in the field of nursing basics and medical- surgical nursing, public and private.

4) Upgrading the scientific and skill level of the faculty members and their assistant through the development and modernization of scientific research methods and the work of seminars and training courses.

5) Raise the efficiency of the performance of the student within the laboratories of adult nursing faculty and training places in various health services.

6) Interact with the community and participate in solving its health problems and improve the health level of all its members

7) Participation in supporting the continuous learning process of the Nursing Authority in Mansoura University Hospitals through holding seminars and training courses on an ongoing basis

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