First year Lectures

Nursing Fundamentals course

No. Title Lecturer
1 Physical_Assessment Dr. Karema Elshamy
2 Body_Temperature Dr. Karema Elshamy 
3 Heat_and_Cold_Application Dr. Karema Elshamy 
4 Pulse_Rate Dr. Karema Elshamy 
5 MEDICAL_ASEPSIS Dr. Karema Elshamy 
6 Elimination_Needs Dr. Karema Elshamy 
7 Hypertension.pdf Dr. Karema Elshamy 
8 Nutritional_Needs2010 Dr. Karema Elshamy 
9 Exercise_Needs.pdf Dr. Karema Elshamy 
10 Charting_and_documentation Dr. Karema Elshamy 
11 Intestinal_Elimination.pdf Dr. Karema Elshamy 

Second Year Lectures

Medical and Surgical course

No. Title Lecturer
1 Management Nursing Care Dr. Walaa Nasr 
2 brain_tumor Dr. Walaa Nasr 
3 congestive_heart_failure. Dr. Walaa Nasr 
4 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Dr. Walaa Nasr 
5 lumbar_disc_herniation.ppt Dr. Walaa Nasr 
6 M_yocardial_infarction. Dr. Walaa Nasr 
7 Pneumonia.ppt Dr. Walaa Nasr 

Third Year Lectures

No.  Title  Lecturer 
1 communication Dr. Soaad Hassan
2 evaluation.ppt Dr. Soaad Hassan

Pediatric Nursing course

No.  Title Lecturer
1 Congenital Anomalies Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
2 Diarhea & Dehydration GIT Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
3 Disorders of Digestive System Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
4 Growth and Development of Children Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
5 Malnutrition Disorders Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
6 Normal Newborn PP Fina Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
7 Perspective in pediatric nursing Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
8 Ppp respiratory Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
9 SSC_Hospitalized_Child Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
10 High-Risk Neonate Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 
11 Diseases of Respiratory System Dr. Magda Abd-El-Aziz 

Nursing Administration course

No. Title Lecturer
1 Employment Procedures Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
2 Record and reports Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
3 Time Management conf Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
4 Organizing Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
5 Role of the Head Nurse Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
6 Budget Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
7 Job Analysis and Job Description Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
8 Management Concepts Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
9 Planning Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer
10 Staffing Dr. Ahlam EL-Shaer

Woman’s Health &Midwifery Nursing course

No.  Title  Lecturer 
1 Antenatal Care Dr. Amina Elnemr 
2 High Risk Pregnancy Dr. Amina Elnemr
3 Glossary of Maternity and Gynecolog Dr. Amina Elnemr
4 Labour and Delivery Dr. Amina Elnemr
5 Family Planning Dr. Amina Elnemr
6 Normal post partum Dr. Amina Elnemr
7 Normal and Abnormal post partum Dr. Amina Elnemr
8 Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) Dr. Amina Elnemr

Fourth year lectures

No.  Title  Lecturer
1 Gerontology Introduction Dr. Soaad Hassan
2 Communication Dr. Soaad Hassan
3 Attitudes Toward Aging Dr. Soaad Hassan
4 Falls in Elderly Dr. Soaad Hassan
5 Elderly Abuse Dr. Soaad Hassan
6 Health Promotion Dr. Soaad Hassan
7 Psychological Changes Dr. Soaad Hassan
8 Relocation Dr. Soaad Hassan
9 Terminology Dr. Soaad Hassan


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