Gerontological nursing

Courses section

  1. The Department teaching all of the following subjects:
    First, undergraduate students:-
    • Gerontological nursing to fourth year students.
    • nursing teaching for students of the third year.
  2. Second, graduate students:
    Master's degree first term:-
    • Gerontological nursing
    • health education
    • new concepts
    • seminars in the area of specialization
    • psychological and social aspects of the elderly
  3. Master's degree second term
    • Physiology of the elderly
    • Geriatric Medicine
    • Pharmacology of the elderly
    • nutrition of the elderly
  4. Doctoral degree
    • Seminars in the area of specialization year
    • seminars in the field of specialization
    • Geriatric Medicine 
  1. First, the theoretical content of the curriculum material of Gerontological nursing includes the following:
    • Introduction and General Definitions of the elderly
    • physiological changes in aging
    • psychological and social changes
    • theories of aging
    • health promotion of the elderly
    • elderly transmission from one place to another
    • Safe Environment
    • Elder Abuse
    • Alzheimer's
    • Parkinson's
    • fall
  2. Second: The practical part is divided into two parts:-
  3. Part I: training and skills in the lab:
    • Measure the height of the elderly
    • Foot Care
    • Denture Care
    • keeping the balance exercises for the elderly
    • utilities for the elderly (Movement - daily activities and personal care)
  5. Part II: seminars on:
    • Osteoporosis in the elderly
    • osteoarthritis in the elderly
    • Diabetes in the elderly
    • hypertension in the elderly
    • urinary incontinence in the elderly
    • stroke in the elderly
    • constipation in the elderly
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