Gerontological nursing

Scientific thesis- Master thesis

No Name  Title 
1 Dr. Soad Hassan Abd El Hamid Self care practices among home based diabetic 
2 Dr. Doaa El Sayed Fadila Coping behaviors of elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
3 Dr. Raefa Refaat Alam Risk factors associated with rehospitalization of elderly suffering from heart failure 
4 Dr. Eman Balegh Moawad Functional abilities of osteoarthritis women and their compliance to therapeutic regimen
5 Dr. Aziza Mahmoud Boughdady Assessment knowledge of secondary schools nursing students about elderly care and their problems in Zagazig city 
6 Dr. Nadia Mohamed Hassan Compliance of hypertensive elderly patients with the treatment regimen 
7 Dr. Eman Hassan Munier Radwan Sleeping patterns of residents in elderly home 
8 Dr. Heba Noshy Abd EL Azizz Knowledge and behaviors of the elderly regarding osteoporosis
9 Dr. Neamit Ibrahim Elemam El-Ashry Knowledge of end stage renal disease elderly patients regarding hemodialysis.
10 Dr. Doaa Abd El hamed Abd El Mawla Lifestyle patterns among elderly patients with cerebral stroke 
11 Dr. Heba Ahmed Mohammed El fedawy Quality of life of older adult patients suffered from cataract 
12 Dr. Heba Ahmed Mohammed El fedawy Quality of life of older adult patients suffered from cataract 
13 Dr. Fatma Magdy Ibrahim Relationship between presence of anemia and the physical performance of the elderly patients attending the out patient clinics hospital in Mansoura city 
14 Dr.Sageda Magdy Ibrahim The relationship between the burden of providing care and mental health status of the caregivers for the elderly with cancer
15 Dr.Moustafa Tag EL-Melook Saad Coping behaviors and health related quality of life in elderly patient suffering from cancer.
16 Dr.Tarek Mohammed Ahmed Factors affecting loneliness among institutionalized and non-institutionalized elders.

Secondly - Ph.D.:

Dr.Soad Hassan Abd El Hamid :- Caregiver training and health status outcomes of elders with cerebral stroke

Dr. Doaa El Said Fadila :- Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation program on quality of life of elderly patients chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Dr.Raefa refaat Alam :- Prediction of falls among elderly persons and application of preventive measures

Dr . Aziza Mahmoud Boughdady :- Effect of Self-Care Practice on Lifestyle of Elderly PeopleWith Osteoarthritis Knee

Dr . Nadia Mohamed Hassan Saleh :- Impact of foot care educational program on knowledge and self-care practice for diabetic elderly patients

Dr . Eman Baleagh Meawad Elsayed :- Impact of behavioral intervention on quality of life of elderly women with urinary incontinence

Dr . Eman Hassan Munier :- Effect of discharge plan on quality of life of acute myocardial infarction among elderly patients

Dr . Heba Noshy Abd EL Azizz :- Effect Of Lifestyle Modification Interventions To Overcome Constipation Among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Dr . Neamit Ibrahim Elemam :- The Effect Of Oral Health Care interventions on Oral Health-Related Quality Of Life Of the Institutionalized Older Adults.

Dr . Doaa Abd Elhamed Abd El Mawla :- The effect of lifestyle modification on the overall control high blood pressure in the elderly

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