Gerontological nursing

Department information

Gerontological nursing department is one of a scientific departments at the Faculty of Nursing -Mansoura University, where the department give students with the information and skills essential to identify the social and psychological problems and physical to elderly and the application of the nursing process to care for the min the community as well as in their organizations with a focus on mental health for the elderly.

Origination of the department

Department established in the 2000/2001after follower that was part of the Department of Community Health Nursing, after the approval of the department and on the basis of the decision of the Council of faculty and University Council.

Department Vision

To be in the preparation of the most exclusive health care providers for the elderly at the local and regional levels.

Department Message

Graduate student is tint cognitive and practical and professionally in the field of nursing care for the elderly and scientific research in order to serve the community.

Department Objectives

1. Identify the nature of changes that occur with aging.
2. Emphasize the importance of effective communication in dealing with the elderly
3. Supply students with the information crisis to take care of the elderly in health and disease
4. Train students on various scientific skills in comprehensive care for the elderly
5. awareness the community, which provides services for the elderly (the role of the elderly in Dakahlia and Clubs)
6. Communicate with the elderly in the community, through the good convoys do offer some Health Care Services 

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