Critical Care and Emergency Nursing


The Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department - Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University was established in 2002 in accordance with the College Regulations 2002.

The staff members teach five curriculums; Nursing Ethics, First Aid and Helth Assessment for the students of the first year, Emergency Nursing for the students of the second year, and Critical Care Nursing for the students of the fourth year.

Additionally, the staff members and their assistants supervise the training of students in three places: the critical care laboratory at the Faculty, and clinical placement (Emergency Departments and Intensive care units at Mansoura University hospitals).

The Department of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing is involved in many activities such as organizing training programs for nursing staff at Mansoura University Hospitals, and internship students. first aid courses for Mansoura University students. In addition, the Department of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing participates in the important activities of the university.  It participated in the activities of the seventh Egyptian Universities Youth Week, which was held in February of the academic year 2005, as well as the activities of the Arab Universities Week in February of the academic year 2006.

Critical care is a sophisticated process involving three areas: Critical Patient, Critical Nurse and where Critical Care Nursing can be applied. These areas are key elements of the applicability of critical care nursing.

The curriculum of Critical Care Nursing is concerned with teaching students the responsibilities of the Critical Care Nurse in the medical care provided to the patient and how to deal with the tools and advanced technological environment. This curriculum contains theoretical lectures and practical exercises aimed at the effective application of the principles of nursing critical cases in the care of the patient in need of intensive care

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